Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Pain Sufferers Speak Global Community Update

Most of you know I host Twitter chats each night at 10pmCST as @painspeaks. I have taken off some time from chats to enjoy celebrating my 2 graduates--my daughter from High School, and my son from elementary school (5th grade). We will have lots of family in town for all the festivities this week and throughout this weekend. No worries though--I will be back for nightly Twitter chats on Sunday May 29th at 10pmCST. I am spending my off time this week moving the last 14 existing Showcases into the Community Page so everyone has access to all the FREE info on many health conditions, illnesses, and disabilities. Glad to announce that I have already moved 28/42 Showcase topics! Come check out all the FREE info and introduce yourself so your connections can start with others who share your illness, disease, condition, or disability. If you are a business, organization, or group, BE SURE to post on each Showcase topic that fits that way others can benefit from your product, service, or resource. Pain Sufferers Speak is all about HELPING YOU MAKE CONNECTIONS & SHARING FREE INFO.

Once all 42 Showcases are moved then I will begin webresearching the other 32 topics that have been suggested. The growth in our community has been amazing since beginning Twiiter on March 10, 2011. Facebook deciding to change the groups format had us banning together to save the group + added lots of unexpected work time needed to move all the Showcases that were no longer easily accessible. So glad to have the groups format updated now, the Showcases will all be moved by week's end, and this particular growing pain will be behind us.

Be sure to check out our Exclusive "Members Only" part of Pain Sufferers Speak's global community! Our community began with this facebook group last July 2010. Since the discussion board was eliminated for groups, moving the Showcases to the facebook Community Page was required. The Community Page will remain OPEN TO THE PUBLIC and ALL Showcases are in the discussions tab for everyone's benefit. With membership to our Exclusive Facebook Group, you must agree to follow our "Golden Rule" of "no judgment and no criticism" and promise to report anyone who breaks the "Golden Rule". I want this to be an exclusively safe place for all Pain Sufferers to feel at home & loved 100% of the time. Our group practices unconditional love and support for all. Sound good to you? Recommend our exclusive group to all of your friends & neighbors who just might need our community more than you know. Remember: Pain is isolating and many suffer in silence without telling their family and friends the whole story. I know this for a fact because even this social butterfly found hermitville a haven for 18 months. Our Exclusive Group is the world's haven for all Pain Sufferers Who Speak!

For the Exclusive Pain Sufferers Speak Group CLICK HERE

For the Pain Sufferers Speak Community Page CLICK HERE

Back to the moving project now. Enjoy your week and Congratulations to all the other graduates out there!!

Liz : )

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Pain Stories Encouraged--Let's Fill The Walls on the Facebook Group & Page!!

Post your story of pain as a comment or status on both walls of the FB Group & Page, or start a discussion thread anytime. Feel free to start a diary or journal of your journey with pain in the discussions tab. I want to encourage any form of healthy communication of any type of pain--emotional, spiritual, physical or any combination of pain. Post both here on the Community Page and on the Group.
Go to the discussions tab on either the Group or Page and click on "Start a New Topic", title your post, write your story and publish. Its that easy. You will be amazed at how good it feels to share plus you may help someone else feel less alone in their pain.  I want each of you to find at least one person who gets where you are coming from, not out of sympathy, but because they have been through what you are going through. You can't find those connections unless you share your story or come forward in a way that feels right for you.  Introduce yourself in a reply on any Showcase topic you wish (there are 42 to choose from)--one or all--its your choice.  Anyone can join the FB Group by clicking "Join", and become a fan by clicking "Like" on the Community Fan Page. Lots of options and ways to share.

Start Today!!

Facebook Group Link

Facebook Community Fan Page Link

No limits.

Have a meaningful Wednesday!!

Liz : )