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Hello Pain Brothers and Pain Sisters Worldwide!!

I am Liz Hall, Founder, Creator and Administrator of Pain Sufferers Speak’s Global Community. Plus I HOST live Twitter Chats as @painspeaks Monday through Thursday at 10pm CST-USA. I have lived with chronic pain for 18 years since age 24, and I have lived with chronic illness for 40 years since age 2.  My main goal is to be sure no one ever is alone in their pain. With 10 support groups, 3 blogs, and availability all over the web, there truly is something for everyone. Choose how you will connect with one or all parts of Pain Sufferers Speak's global family of resources and me. Click here for our combined web presence

I love to make new connections each day; help you make connections with others who share your passions and challenges; share all types of news and current medical information so we can all be wiser and healthier; earn your respect and trust; plus happy to be your cheerleader and motivator when you need support through life's good days and bad ones.

I LOVE TO: read (always have 1-3 books I'm busy reading at the same time), watch movies (Netflix ROCKS!!), chat, debate, discuss, cuss, rant, jump on my soap box, talk, giggle, practice yoga, cook, swim laps, stretch, make healthy choices to take care of my body, host game nights for my friends and family, have a positive impact on everyone I meet, promote bloggers, causes and advocates of all kinds and, last, but certainly not least, I love to pass on a smile and blessings to everyone. My disabilities and pain do NOT define me. Instead I believe everyone has life challenges, and these happen to be mine. I hang on to HOPE with both hands. I am most proud of my 2 children and my 24 year marriage to my best friend in the world; my loving extended family which now includes so many Pain Brothers and Pain Sisters Worldwide. I prefer to avoid toxic, perpetually negative and unhealthy people who never have anything nice to say and choose to be miserable. Wanna know why? They tend to increase my pain and drain my energy which are 2 more things I like to avoid. If you want my opinion, ask for it--never been shy.  

Since its birthday on July 28, 2010, Pain Sufferers Speak has evolved into a Global Community! This all started as therapy for me after retreating to hermitville for 18 months when severe depression moved into my world after giving up my 2nd career (1st career-8 yrs in healthcare + 9 years as Nationally Certified Paralegal) and having to accept disability. I needed an outlet to talk about my pain with others who really understood pain, because they live with it, too. Once I found out about facebook groups, I was excited to create a community where everyone could feel safe to share their pain and never worry about judgment or criticism. From there, a community page on facebook was added, then I found Twitter which linked me instantly to others all over the world. And we just keep growing! With 10 support groups, 3 blogs, 5 Empathy Cruises and availability all over the web, there is something for everyone of all ages. Life never gives us what we think, but I am super blessed to have gone through everything....and I mean it!!

Here is a little Background Info and My Diagnosis:

It took 38 months plus many trips to food banks, and my parents help, to finally win Social Security disability. I was turned down 4 times, and 3 of those were with my attorney's help!! I refused disability after the first back surgery at age 24, because I just couldn't accept being disabled when my first child was only 3. It was emergency surgery in 1996 (age 24) because my right leg went completely numb. I have degenerative disc disease that effects 4 discs in my back (L5/S1, L4/L5 and 2 cervical discs in my neck), neuropathy (nerve damage and nerve pain) in both legs with balance and falling issues, carpel tunnel in both wrists and arms with nerve damage, PTSD with occasional panic attacks since age 16, plus chronic fever blisters on my eyes, nose and mouth since age 14, asthma since age 2, various allergies to pet dander, dust, mold and all codeine and morphine pain medications actually cause me more pain... and a partridge and a pear tree. : )

I am blessed to have such a big supportive REAL family and now 1500+ Pain Brothers and Pain Sisters in our community's "Secret" Support Family Group on Facebook; 3100+ Facebook Community Page Fans; 1700+ LinkedIn Professional Group Members and 25,000+ LinkedIn Professional 1st Connections since August 2011; 10,000+ contacts and friends in Google+ Circles and in Pain Sufferers Speak's G+ page and community since September 2011; 5000+ BranchOut Connections since April 2011; 15,000+ Twitter Followers total on all 3 accounts - @painspeaks (started in March 2011), @Painspeaks2 (started in August 2012). @EmpathyCruises (started on October 2017); 4800+ friends and 1100+ followers on Facebook since April 2011; and 150,000+ hits here on PSS Global Blog since April 17, 2011 and 15,000+ members of the blog through email, Google, Networked Blogs and Feed subscribers from all over the world; between the Tumbler, PSS Raw blog and The Daily Advocate by Painspeaks, Wordpress Blogs there are another 13,000+ followers;

Plus in order to reach more people, on October 3, 2017 Pain Sufferers Speak AND Elite Cruises and Vacations, Present 5 Empathy Cruises in 2018.  We are completely staffed and have committed Speakers for 2018, however we are seeking corporate sponsors to see YOUR logo on our SWAG all over the world and on each cruise. For 2019, we have 3 Speaker positions and 2 staff positions available which include a FREE Cruise, hotel accommodations and airfare. Sponsors can be Speakers and receive many other incentives including the FREE complete cruise, your logo on swag, signage and you are welcome to sell your products, books, pass out brochures and more. Go to for all info.

My hubby has had to take care of me after back surgery, my partial hysterectomy, and anytime my pain limits my daily activities and my independence. He works out of our home as a mobile mechanic on cars and trucks so that he has time to chauffeur the kids since I have not driven since 2005 on my doctors' recommendations with nerve damage in both legs. I am mostly home bound due to falling (update as of Jan 2015--proud to report that its been over 2 years since my last fall and I credit my consistent workout with strength training and loss of over 100lbs with only 50 more to go).

I do NOT want your pity. I rely on my faith in God, my positive attitude, plus I keep HOPE alive by always trying to do new things, and constantly testing my limits to see what I CAN do. Life is challenging to everyone, and these just happen to be my challenges. My 1st book should be finished soon and I am knee deep in editing right now.  I promise to keep you all posted on the publishing date and book tour details when I have them. I practice unconditional love, and acceptance of everyone in my life and carry my positive attitude as a shield against depression's pull. My faith sustains me and grounds me, and is my ever present joy in life.

Hope you will enjoy Pain Sufferers Speak's Global Pain Community and Share PSS with all of your friends and family who need our 24/7 support online.

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  1. I too have suffered from Degenerative Disk disease in multiple locations for over 30 years. I am looking at surgery for the first time in my neck. Managing my pain with medicine and waiting for the MRI all the reviews to come in. Most people who have never had the associated back related pain, do not understand how real and how it affects our everyday lives.

  2. Amen, Charles! Sorry I missed your comment 2 years ago :(
    Hope your recovery was smooth and as pain free as possible after your surgery. Hope you will connect to all parts of PSS so you can enjoy 24/7 support from Pain Brothers and Pain Sisters worldwide! Love and hugs to you and your family as I know it effects each member differently and that is the ongoing challenge of BIG pain. XOXO


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