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Rejection And Physical Pain Are The Same To Your Brain

Rejection And Physical Pain Are The Same To Your Brain

PSS Global Community Update and way overdue...

Happy to share some current #PSS global community stats:

159 different countries all over the world and 50/52 USA states represented on this global blog
3500+ connections on LinkedIn Profile
1600+ professional members on LinkedIn Group
12,000+ followers on main twitter @painspeaks
9600+ followers on Google+
2500+ followers on Instagram
3000+ likes on PSS facebook page
3 blogs followed by over 100,000 pain brothers and pain sisters worldwide

Lots of changes with social media over the last few years and we have continued to grow despite learning curve for many worldwide. We grow stronger together as we unite and our community grows daily.

My family responsibilities have been great over the last 2 years and so my online work has taken a backseat. I am excited about where we go from here. My book is still in the process and has proven to be a catalyst for lots of personal growth which is never simple or easy, however way worth it.

Most of you know I have a hubby and 2 kids. Jason and I celebrated 22 years of marriage on Valentine's Day 2015 right before he required emergency gall bladder removal surgery. This had me as caregiver for several months in the Spring.  Our daughter graduated from college in May and got married in October while our son is enjoying 10th grade, learning to drive and to play the piano. Our 2 fur babies are keeping us busy with itchy skin that requires bathing often and daily coconut oil added to their food. Age brought moodiness for our 13 year old Daisy and teenage angst to our 9 year old Zippy Boy.

I have found writing to be like giving birth = long, slow, and very painful emotionally which meant physical pain for me. This led to me fighting isolation as I'm learning to Painspeak so I can be an example for all of you.

Our 24/7 secret support family on facebook has decreased in size as my spotty participation made some question my commitment. However, I always intended for #PSS to NOT need me, but instead be available for everyone all the time including me as I need support just like all of you. Remember: I originally started PSS because I was seeking others who understood pain and illness. You all know that loneliness happens in a houseful of people who love you if you are the only one who understands and lives with pain and/or illness or a combo of both.

Our families, friends, colleagues, husbands, wives, children and parents ONLY understand what you tell them. If you don't painspeak and figure out what you need, the people in your lives will never get it on their own. Not pulling a Debbie Downer just stating the truth. As you sort your needs, your joy in life will expand and spread to the people who mean the most. Hope can grow anywhere, but you have to plant the seeds and water them daily with your efforts.

and Pain! 

Blessings take on many forms and my hope is that you are looking for miracles everywhere. When you look, you find them. Notice nature and how she is fine without human assistance. Know that you have everything you need in your life. I have found all of these to lead to unexpected blessings: my  disability, my pain, my chronic conditions and anything negative. It is a matter of how you face your obstacles and challenges. Just KNOW we all have them. You are not cursed as I thought I was for several years due to my being age 24 when disability came knocking on me and my family. Isolation is part of pain and illness, but they don't have to paralyze you with fear and suck the joy from you and your family IF you can find others who get it. 

That's where PSS comes in. We are here 24/7 as soon as you login to your computer. You never have to be alone anywhere as PSS went mobile January 2015. Just reach out and grab our support. Some just read posts to know they are not alone and get helpful advice from others worldwide. Others login and post once a year, some every few months, and others enjoy daily posting that lets them share and chat with others who get it. Pain Brothers and Pain Sisters are waiting for you now. They are ready to support  you and you need only to click on your laptop or home computer or cellular phone or tablet or other mobile device to connect anytime you need us and our support. 

God Bless each and every Pain Brother and Pain Sister worldwide! Sending love and hugs out to all of you and wishing you and your families all the best in 2016. May your symptoms and pain always be manageable and KNOW that #PSS aka Pain Sufferers Speak's global community of resources will always be available 24/7 to support you with unconditional love without judgment and without criticism. We have been here non-stop since July 28, 2010 and spread the word as we will never stop welcoming all people of all ages into our ever growing Pain Family. 

Happy New Year's Eve 2016! 

Love Always,
Liz Hall
Founder #PSS

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Happy Birthday #PSS!

Happy 5th Birthday Pain Sufferers Speak!

Look for updates on all parts of Pain Sufferers Speak's global community throughout today.

We are much more than a blog! We have 3 blogs, 10 support groups peppered all over the web, and much more.

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