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Welcome to Pain Sufferers Speak's Global Community!!!

*** Pain Sufferers Speak Promotes and Supports Awareness and Advocacy for all Causes related to Blogs, Health, Medical Conditions, Illnesses, Diseases, Wellness, Disabilities, Health Education and Products/Devices/Medical Equipment/Wheelchairs/Accessibility Aids/Healthcare Facilities/Rehabilitation Facilities/Adaptive Equipment PLUS Doctors, Nurses, Hospice Care Providers, All types of Therapists and Mental Health Providers, Teachers, Positive Thinking, Life Coaches, Healers of all kinds, Patients, Pain Sufferers, Chronic Pain Sufferers, Chronic Illness Sufferers and Any Other Deserving Causes and advocacy/activist groups!! : )

***Every part of the PSS Global Community will ALWAYS be completely FREE with no charge for receiving support from others all over the world. It is my sincere belief that as a worldwide community we should share resources and build a collective knowledge base for all issues relating to pain, chronic illness, advocacy, healthcare reform, etc. I have worked hard to create a well-rounded community with lots of options so you can find what you need easily. I am always happy to hear your suggestions and comments. I need the feedback to enable me to evolve our community to meet everyone's needs.

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*** Pain Sufferers Speak RESPECTS and ENCOURAGES ALL forms of: Faith, Religion, Positive Thinking, Optimistic Outlooks, Meditation, Deep Breathing, Being Silly, Smiling, Laughing, Making Healthy Choices, Exercise, and last but not least....HOPE for a future with less pain for all of us.

So glad to have you in our community! Hope you will check out all parts of Pain Sufferers Speak's Global community! I never want anyone to have to be alone with their pain. Plus I want everyone to find a "safe haven" where you can express your pain and connect with others who understand what you are going through.  Looking forward to reading your Story, Posts, Tweets, Messages, Emails and DMs. Much Love to all my Pain Brothers and Pain Sisters Worldwide! Liz : )

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  1. I am so glad I was referred to your sight. I can't wait to get some new information for myself.

  2. Love and hugs to you, Pain Sister! We are stronger together! XOXO

  3. Laugh out loud and say,I am happy,I am healthy 5 times.Live a stress free happy life now.

  4. Laughter is the best medicine for depression and mental health illness.Meet Yogi Ramesh and be happy now.


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