Monday, July 11, 2011

Pain Only Travels, But Never Really Leaves

My nerve pain is getting better each day after my fall that set it off on July 4th. Its really only a dull ache now. Yahoo the fire pain is gone!! Have worked out through the pain and that seems to have caused a muscle spasm in my neck. Took a muscle relaxer to head off the spasm. Only eased it, but it did not go away. Seems like a competition between me, the pain and the meds--who will win?? Round and round we go...where we stop nobody knows.  I am determined to work out when the back pain is tolerable no matter what. That's my goal and I am sticking to it. 
Pain just travels. Tired of it never going away. Sick AND Tired to be precise. Got rid of the sciatica and nerve "fire" pain traveling down my legs, and it traveled to my neck. I have had a stiff neck for a few days. Well, yesterday it detoured down my neck into my right shoulder and down my right arm. There was a stabbing sensation when I raised my arm yesterday. Today I can't lift my arm without severe stab, and Jason says there is noticeable swelling across my shoulder blade and my neck. I am determined not to let my pain stop me from working out or doing chats on Twitter. Can't believe pain is in my neck again!  Jason gave me a hug last night, and I almost screamed cause of the pain just from him squeazing around my neck for a hug. He apologized, and I told him never to apologize for giving me a hug. Hate Pain hate pain hate pain.....What is going on now?? I have to guess its the increased typing. But then I type all the time. Nothing will discourage Pain Sufferers Speak for me. I love it and am really enjoying that others love it, too. Gotta refocus off the traveling pain and do my stretches and yoga now. Maybe I should get paid to be a travel agent for pain?? I mean with all this traveling, bet I could bonus some frequent flyer miles or at least free meds for a month. For now, I will settle for yoga poses, nice stretches, deep breathing, and counting my blessings. : ) 

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  1. Beautiful post! I love the frequent flyer comment. Laughing out loud, funny!! :) I can totally relate about the neck thing too. Been hurting for a week now. GAH! I just want to wear a neck brace so my head doesn't feel so heavy.


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