Saturday, December 10, 2011

Enjoy The New Additions To Our Blog

So happy to announce that our blog has finally gone truly GLOBAL! Thanks to Google Website Translator, you can pick any language and enjoy our blog in your native tongue. 

Now you can SEARCH our blog including all posts AND all "Helpful Links" to find exactly what you need. If you are listed in the "Helpful Links", your blog and all your posts are automatically searched anytime someone does a search on Pain Sufferers Speak's Main Blog. This will mean more traffic for you on your blog or website.

PLUS Now you can follow our blog through EMAIL for the first time! AND You can still subscribe to our RSS and many other feed options, and join through Google, and Networked Blogs as well.

All 3 NEW Additions are available right now! Come check them out!!

Have a wonderful weekend Everyone!! Sending you all love, hugs and many blessings for happiness and peace during this Holiday Season--no matter where you are and what you celebrate!! Liz : )

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