Thursday, May 10, 2012

An Inspiring Note from Michele Rosenthal

Let's Spread Some Hope!
Michele Rosenthal

"Greetings from I-Believe-In-You Central!

Just a quick note to ask for your help in spreading some hope to people who need it – in a very quick, no muss/no fuss for you way:

I’m on a mission to inspire people to overcome the effects of the past. After life’s challenges so often people lose belief in themselves and instead believe they are defined by their negative experiences. As I bet you know, we choose what defines us and trauma (big ‘T’ or little ‘t’ – divorce, bad boss, car accident, illness, abuse, etc.) can be something we move through rather than become stuck in.

As a Trauma survivor myself I learned the hard way how to reclaim my life. Now, I’m dedicated to helping others do the same. Last week my trauma recovery memoir was released. BEFORE THE WORLD INTRUDED: Conquering the Past and Creating the Future chronicles how I triumphed over trauma – and the unexpected way I did it.

In an effort to inspire people to hope for and believe in moving forward after life’s challenges last week I also launched PROJECT GIVE BACK, a program that offers over $1,900 in complimentary support resources for every person who purchases my memoir. With professional contributors from around the world and at the forefront of their fields, PROJECT GIVE BACK offers resources covering a variety of areas important in rebuilding a life, including relaxation, meditation, mind/body connection, therapeutic writing, spirituality, acceptance and forgiveness, sound sleep, strength in the workplace, mindfulness, confidence, addiction, life coaching, creativity, grief transformation and nutrition.

Please help me spread the word of resilience, redemption and hope to any people, organizations or groups that could benefit from such gifts or the story of how one woman overcame the effects of the past. People can find more info, plus see the gifts and contributors here:

Thank you for helping me do something good in the world!


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