Friday, May 4, 2012

Some very wise words.....

Doing what works for each of us and what works for me....

After the cancer documentary, which was so inspiring, Oprah is having a discussion with an author of a book called Quantum Wellness. I am so thrilled to discover that while I always thought meditation was some big mystic thing. Actually it is just being still and listening to the voice of one's higher power, mine is God, and I actUally believe that the same God is everybody's higher power, but different faith's call Him a different name. Anyway, the way that I get inspiration for 21 years is just to be still and say, "Use me today, Lord. In whatever way you choose. Your Will in my life be done. Let me be an inspiration for You through my example in whatever way you choose." Early on, it was through my singing voice and now it is through my writing voice. I pray this often and then throughout the day I listen to see if He has any leadings for me. It is just how I roll and come to find out it is meditation! You just be still and know that He is in control of all things and don't tell him what to do, wait on Him and He will gently lead you where you need to go. It is how I found my birthfamily 21 years ago in just six weeks without knowing I was adopted until 32. Well, I have used this tactic for many things. But, this year the leading was strong that I needed to change my way of being in the world. I needed to learn to like myself and to choose to be happy. I could hear that in my head over and over better learn how to get happy or you won't exist anymore. Well, being as how I want to see how this life all turns out, I knew who that voice in my head was. I also call Him the Great Spirit to honor my Cherokee Roots. He is the one and the same. So, the other parts of this book, Quantum Wellness, is choosing happiness, is knowing that when we wallow in the negatives and want to reject God's love that is the ego part acting out. The next thing is choosing fun. Finding whatever means we can to laugh and find inspiration. Because joy is part of being spiritual which is the next thing. Living in a spiritual place. Choosing joy, happy and spirtual things to focus on. Then finally, is everyday doing self work. Asking the universe or God where am I stuck today? What do I need to change so I can recieve the fullness of your blessings? Socrates said, "An unexamined life isn't worth living." So, true, for me. I believe I must look at the past to inform my future. I have been being led down this path anyway without this lady's book which sounds interesting. I am not anything particularly special. Just a grandmother battling her own demons. But, God loves me enough to wake me up and teach me to love myself and to show me that happiness is just something I get to choose regardless of the circumstances in my life. I get to laugh at my own mistakes that could bring me down. I get to love my friends and family who don't have it yet without condition. It was always within me what I sought for so long. Just like the Wizard of Oz...there's no place like is within all of us. Always was..Just be still...and listen to that still smail voice in your gut. It is like your intuitiion...a is born of wisdom from your soul which is not your ego. It is perfect just as it is...we were all born perfectly formed..but, the ego, the human side, the hurt feelings, the what about me...all about me...side is simply our humaness rearing it's ugly head. We have a beautiful soul that we can become aware of by just stopping for a minute and it is intertwined with the divine and gives you empathy, understanding, pureness of love, and the ability to grow to truly see how beautiful we all are and that we are all on the same journey to wholeness and awareness. The Great Spirit that loves every single individual will gives the wisdom to know how to get to the same place in our own way. Just lean into healing. Try just listen to that inner voice, it is pure of spirit and wisdom. You'll know truth when you see it or hear it. Your truth and your personal path to your own healing. I just share my way...what works for me...You all have your own paths to choose, but, it will lead you to a place of self acceptance, fun, laughter, whatever inspires you and introspection...which will find each of us peace within. No matter how we get there as individuals. Let it Be...Be Still and Know that I am God....Two different forms of inspiration for me, music and whatever works, my friends...
Thank you, Karen!! Your wise words had to be shared with the world!

Wishing all my Pain Brothers and Pain Sisters all over the world a fabulously blessed day filled with happiness and as little pain as possible! Liz xoxo

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  1. I am moved that you shared my words. Thank you for honoring me, Liz! xoxo.


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