Monday, August 27, 2012

Please Help to stop PROP's Petition: A must read for all pain sufferers

"Pain sufferers rarely have the chance to make an impact on the policies that affect them on a daily basis. THis is a time that you CAN join an online action to prevent serious restrictions in FDA regulations that could make it extremely dif
ficult for you to get opioid (narcotic) pain medications for more than 90 DAYS....if you have been in pain for a year, you would already be out of luck....for the rest of your life!
Hundreds of pain sufferers have joined this cause. Please join and bring some friends and family with you! It is time to SPEAK OU, STAND UP, and BE HEARD!!! We need a couple of hundred more signatures to get to 1000! If you have already signed, try emailing, calling or talking to someone to get them to sign!"

Written by fellow pain brother, awesome healer, and inspirational activist: Doc ForthePeople

"This petition is for all of us who suffer from chronic pain ! and our right to stand our ground and Have a voice in this matter! By petitioning the FDA to save our rights to relief from the suffering and pain we experience day in and day out. Chronic pain sufferers have a voice that needs to be heard. We as chronic pain sufferers out-number these that are trying to limit our access to opioid medications. The more signatures we receive on this petition the louder our voice will be. If the FDA accepts the changes asked for by PROP it will limit our rights to receive the opioid medications we have to take to have some sort of quality of life. For chronic pain patients opioids allow us to get dressed in the morning, get out of bed, and do some activities we had prior to our onset of pain and the life changing experiences we have faced due to our chronic pain. Please not only take a few moments to sign this petition so the FDA can hear our unified voices loud and clear, but please join in our fight by sharing this petition. Together we can stop this. Together we have a voice! Together we will save lives!" 
By: Rebecca Roberts, Founder of this petition

"I signed this petition! My hope is that you will sign also and spread the word for awareness and to encourage other signatures! Thank you!"
By: Liz Hall, Founder of Pain Sufferers Speak
Here is the link to the petition

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