Thursday, September 20, 2012

Feedback Response & BIG Thank you!

I like to respond to all my feedback and I truly do appreciate ALL feedback, because I recognize and accept that I can always benefit from another view. 

Everything about me and Pain Sufferers Speak is NEVER about pity--what a waste that would be! 

My main goal is to be sure no one ever has to be alone in their pain. 

I practice unconditional love and acceptance for everyone in my daily life and this includes respect for all religions and faiths. Everyone/All means no one and no belief is excluded. I think we all have the right to state our opinions and listen to each other with an open mind and heart (no preconceived judgments or stereotypical small thinking allowed). Be open to change and new ideas that differ from your own. If you never do anything different, your life will stay the same. Do you want to be the same as you are today? 

So here is the bottom line for me personally, its never about pity, but rather compassion and complete honesty. 

Pain Sufferers Speak (PSS) is not just for pain peeps!! 

Everyone on this planet experiences pain at some point therefore we ALL need to educate ourselves about pain and coping with the physical, mental and spiritual ramifications of pain and any sort of negativity. Painspeaking is about communicating your pain in a healthy way with others who also live with pain or illness. This is not to be confused with complaining, but rather dropping off the negative junk so we can be healthier and better equipped to be the best people we can be and live up to our own potential. All parts of Pain Sufferers Speak practice No judgment and No criticism along with unconditional love and respect for all religions. If you think its not possible and sounds "goody two shoes" unreasonable, you will be pleasantly surprised to hear that I do very little conflict resolution in all 4 of my support groups! 

My favorite quote: "Be the change you want to see in the world."~Ghandi

Make it a meaningful day and pass on a smile when you can spare them.

Sending out love and hugs to everyone!! Liz xoxo

Written By: Liz Hall, Founder of Pain Sufferers Speak's Global Community
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