Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Some advice you can take or leave--I love you no matter what!

Stop caring about what others think..its so freeing and will lift weight off your shoulders for less stress and more wellness. Write, Call, and Spend time with the ones you want to write, call and spend time with...those who care about you and show you they deserve YOUR unique and special heart in their life. If they do not value your friendship for YOU and instead choose to value what they can get from you...these people are definitely not worth your sweetness.
I miss many notifications all over the internet and let go of that long ago or I would lose my mind online. Instead, just GIVE FREELY of your heart and yourself to the posts that come to your attention while you are online irregardless of who posts them...just random reading posts and then liking and commenting quick replies only when YOU want. Ultimately, who and what YOU choose to do, have, or become in your life is the sum total of where you FOCUS your precious energy.
Give up the irrelevant stuff and choose carefully what you want to focus on and then frame your life with that NEW perspective. ITS ALL UP TO YOU!
God bless you all as you face your life's challenges! Its never easy, but we can share the load when face it together as a global family! As always, I send out unconditional love, light and blessings worldwide to everyone! I believe LOVE is limitless for all of us.
Its not a new concept, just "love your neighbor as yourself", "do unto others as you would have them do unto you", and choose to RESPECT and show COMPASSION without JUDGEMENT to EVERYONE YOU MEET! Just passing on a smile can make all the difference in someone else's day! YOU can make a difference one person and one day at a time IF you are willing to try!
Some days you will have more to give than others! This is DAY 20 of my juicing and vegan lifestyle and only day 2 without negative symptoms. Its been everything from headache/migraine; dizziness and shakiness; crying jags (one lasted 5 hrs on day 3--I have to figure it was all the tears I have NOT cried over the years as I tried in vain to muscle my way through the emotional stuff I wanted to avoid.); throwing up, diarrhea, flu with sore throat, chest congestion and fever, and more so giving was simply NOT an option I would have had even if my computer had been usable for the last few weeks.
Its not about guilt in this life so drop that junk off, too, and then GIVE as you are able instead of feeling obligated and then guilty you didn't do something. Just wanted to share some truths I have figured out during this painful growth time in my life over the last 20 Days. I sat in my living room several days before juicing DAY 1 and I spoke and eventually screamed out loud to God as soon as I figured out what he wanted me to do next....Juicing fast to reboot my body and reverse all the damage I had done.  I did the crime and now I am doing my time....but instead of this being a negative--its a positive! Without hunger I was sure I would feel and without cravings and all while I am regaining MY CONTROL over my life.
I felt forced to give up and lost so many abilities including 2 careers since age 24 (I will be 41 next month) that I truly believe I was unknowingly committing slow suicide with poor decisions one right after the other. If this strong woman (me) can lose enough to make me THAT sad AND THAT helpless and THAT depressed and retreat from the world like I did for 18 months in 2008-2010, I know chronic illness and chronic pain can take down ANYONE!
#1 Goal--You NEVER have to be alone in pain! With 7 support groups, 3 blogs and availability all over the web, there is something for everyone in Pain Sufferers Speak's FREE Global Community.  If you want more info, See the documentary on Netflix called, "Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead". This was the catalyst for my new venture and just the beginning of loads of research to be included in my book. More details to come as soon as I am able. Make it a meaningful life always! XOXO

Written By: Liz Hall, Founder of PSS
September 24, 2013 ©
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