Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Oh My Goodness=Its all been worth it!

I have been SUPER frustrated with my 9.5lbs weight loss in last 30 days of Vegan/Juicing lifestyle as compared to my husband Jason Hall's amazing 27lbs! A friend of Jason's (fellow mechanic) from our Sunday School class passed away & there was a memorial service in his honor on October 6th. Jas & I hesitantly chose to do "closet time". Anyone who has struggled with their weight knows that trying on clothes can be a HUGE blow to self esteem and confidence and this was the cause of our hesitancy. 

30 days ago, Jason wore size 5X shirt and size 60 dress pants. Now he is wearing a size 54 dress pant and 3X shirt!! 30 days ago, I wore a 26/28 (3X or 4X depending on which brand) shirt and size 2X pant. Now I am wearing size 22/24 (1X or 2X again depending on brand) and size Large (passing 1X and XL) pants! Plus my bra went from a 44D to a 40D. Usually I am very careful who knows my sizes, but my willingness to share is born out of knowing there are so many others out there who understand the stigma and humiliation of being overweight. YOU are not alone as I have another 81 lbs to go and Jas has another 135 lbs left to lose! 

I know I have tried EVERY diet there is since age 3 and NONE of them worked consistently! 

Not only have we lost weight, but we feel CLEAN inside and out eating ONLY fruits and vegetables! Initially, we both had a HUGE increase in our pain and symptoms all over our bodies. Including 2 weeks of what turned out to be "detox flu". Its been the BIGGEST challenge in our lives and even had me crying for 5 hours on Day 3 when I let go of all my emotional ties to food. It meant I had to sort out what was really making me cry--was I missing food? was I missing eating? was I hungry? was the BIG pain physical or emotional or both? and so many other questions kept rolling around in my head. By Day 5 all that was gone and then we got sicker than dogs for 2 weeks. That's all in the past now and so are the cravings and we both have lots more energy and zest for life! 

I believe what one person can do, another can do. 

This is NOT bragging. Instead its sharing my BIG pain and BIG challenge and knowing I risk ridicule in the name of giving just one of YOU HOPE that you can turn back the clock also and live your life more whole and with more wellness. Its the baby steps that add up to BIG leaps forward over time! Its a journey we started after seeing pictures of ourselves at a family wedding on June 25, 2010. In July 2010 we began changing our habits and making wellness our goal. We just re-figured and since 2010, I have lost 84 lbs and Jas has lost 105lbs. Only gonna get better from here! 

Thank you to all my facebook family (this includes my Pain Brothers and Pain Sisters) + my old & new friends! Without your uplifting and loving responses to this post, I would never have found the courage to go global. My heartfelt gratitude and love goes out to each of you! XOXO 

Written by Liz Hall, Founder of Pain Sufferers Speak
on October 5, 2013 ©

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