Saturday, April 16, 2011

Speaking of Pain

Hope this update finds you positive and ready to face your life's challenges one by one. Remember its not complaining to speak about your journey with pain--Instead view it as an opportunity to help someone else through what may be the hardest thing they have ever faced in their lifetime--Pain, sufferering, illness, isolation, depression, worry, fear, etc. All humans experience and have to deal with pain. Our bodies manifest our pain as stress which causes the same chemical response in everyone from babies to senior citzens. We encourage our children to tell someone why they are sorry and communicate their physical symptoms to us. As adults, we receive unhealthy encouragement to suppress, hide, and be silent about our pains and complaints. Its a scientific fact that sharing and communicating about anything negative in your life is the best thing for you and your body. Its surprising how many of us are willing to post our complaints on our facebook wall, but we won't discuss them openly with friends and family even when we feel safe to do so. Pain Sufferers Speak was started to help others through sharing. Sharing your story, your links, your opinions, and your knowledge with the group is the only way we can develop and grow together as a community. Its my passion to connect people so that we can bolster each other in an abundantly forgiving and safe environment. No one will critcise you or judge you, because that will get them band from the group permanently. So feel free to say what you think and feel, share your stories, advice, what works for you, what doesn't work for you, what excercises or diet has helped you, etc. The more we give to our community the better we all will be served by it. The Showcases (available on the group only) are each specific to a particular condition, disease, syndrome, or other topic for discussion. I designed it this way so we have a collective knowledge base organized by topic. One stop shopping... if you will. Introduce yourself, tell what you feel comfortable with about your story, and see what responses you get. I am looking forward to reading your posts, continuing to do webresearch daily, answering questions or finding someone for you that can answer your questions, and generally enjoying our unique community filled with people who get it and aren't afraid to speak about the commonly dreaded subject of pain. Its normal to feel all alone in your pain, because truly the only way for someone else to completely understand how you feel is for that person to be INSIDE your body at the precise moment of your pain. However, if you can find someone else that has your condition, your symptoms, your diagnosis....than they get where you are coming from. Through shared experiences we can help each other cope with the hard stuff life throws at all of us. It is my wish that these connections happen for you on Pain Sufferers Speak. If you have a suggestion for a Showcase, send me a message or suggest it on the wall of the group or community fan page. In order to experience the maximum benefits of our community, Join the facebook group & community fan page, follow this blog, and follow us on Twitter as @painspeaks. Talk to you soon and have a wonderful Friday and weekend!!

Liz : )

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