Saturday, April 16, 2011

Pain Diary & Journaling

I have encouraged you all to come here to the facebook group or page each day and "deposit" or "give away" your pain, frustrations, hurts, anxieties, fears, worries, anything negative or toxic, etc. Your diary can be started on the discussion board as a new topic on either the facebook group or page. Its been proven over and over to me that the best course of action, is leading by example. So I began my own diary called Liz's Daily Diary in Aug 2010. Start your own diary and name it whatever you wish. Come back anytime you want and see what others have added to your thread and be sure to journal daily, weekly, monthly or as often as necessary to feel free to face your life with a clean slate and positive attitude. For those of you that live with chronic pain, encourage your family members to also use this outlet. Everyone in your family can start their own diary, too. If your kids have a FB, encourage them to vent into their very own diary. My kids helped me come up with this diary concept. It helped them through when I was on bedrest with constant pain. My youngest would rush to my bedside immediately after waking up, and tell me all his "yucky stuff that made him sad" and then we could go on with our day. His excitement in "giving away the yuck" was inspirational to me and I hope for you, too. Come on.... you don't need that stuff weighing you down so "give it away" in your diary right now. You will be surprised at how much better and lighter you will feel. Happy Journaling!!!

Update #2, Originally Posted in August 2010, Updated 4/18/11
Update 6/28/11
Link to Liz's Daily Diary!/topic.php?uid=142242355793657&topic=304

My Diary was started in the original groups' format on the facebook group.  When we were forced to convert to the new groups' format in all of facebook's wisdom, they eliminated the group discussion board. cannot see Liz's Daily Diary on the community fan page (in case you were interested & FYI)  

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  1. Love this! A lot of us hold back so much pain. We're scared to rant & rave about what hurts us. Always worried about what others may think instead of what we need to do to feel better. keep on being strong <3


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