Tuesday, June 28, 2011

My Story & Diagnosis

Hello Pain Brothers & Sisters!! I'm already in the process of writing my first book (of course) called Pain Sufferers Speak. Within the last year, I started Pain Sufferers Speak's 4 Elements: our Exclusive "Members Only" Pain Family, Community Fan Page, Blog plus I host Twitter chats every night that pain allows me to at 10pm CST-USA. Its been therapy for me after 15 years living with chronic pain, 2 back surgeries, partial hysterectomy, 2 kids, & hubby of 18.5 years. Life never gives us what we think, but I am super blessed to have gone through everything!! One chapter in the book is planned to have loads of my pain peeps and their stories. (Please message me your story to be considered for the book if you want.) Its a timely topic it seems as pain has invaded every section of the globe's society. However, at first it was to help me come back and talk about my pain after 18 months in hermitville and severe depression after losing 2 careers (8 yrs in healthcare as rehabilitation tech for head injury hospital, Home Health Aide Dispatcher & Home Health Aide for Disabled & Elderly Clients + 9 years as Nationally Certified Paralegal with most of my time in Bankruptcy & Social Security Law plus a little Real Estate Law). Took me 38 months and many trips to food banks and my parents help to finally win Social Security disability. Was turned down 4 times and 3 of those were with my attorney's help!! I refused disability after the first back surgery at age 24, because I just couldn't accept being disabled that young. It was emergency surgery in 1996 (age 24) because my right leg went completely numb. I have degenerative disc disease that effects 4 discs in my back (L5/S1, L4/L5 and 2 cervical discs in my neck), neuropathy (nerve damage and nerve pain) in both legs with balance and falling issues, carpel tunnel in both wrists and arms with nerve damage, occasional panic attacks since age 16, plus chronic fever blisters on my eyes, nose and mouth.... and a partridge and a pear tree. LOL I am so blessed to have such a big supportive real family and now over 200 Pain Brothers & Sisters in my self-created Pain Sufferers Speak "Members Only" Pain family. My hubby has had to take care of me off and on after surgeries, etc. He works out of our home as a mobile mechanic on cars and trucks so that he has time to chauffeur the kids since I have not driven for last 4 years on doctor's recommendation. I am mostly homebound due to falling and the car being so painful. My disabilities DO NOT define me!!! I keep my faith in God, my positive attitude plus I keep HOPE alive by always trying to do new things and test my limits to see what I CAN do. Life is challenging to everyone, and these just happen to be my challenges. I love to network with other bloggers, advocates of all kinds, and fellow chronic pain and chronic illness peeps. My book should be finished by the end of this year and hopefully published next year. I love to read (always have at least 2 books Im busy with), watch movies (Netflix ROCKS!!), host gamenights for friends and family, yoga, swimming when pain allows, cooking when carpel tunnel allows, blogging as often as I can, and I LOVE Twitter and Facebook. I am most proud of my 2 children (Jocelynn-17 and off to college in Aug, and Scott-11 who starts Jr High in Aug), my husband and our marriage of 18 years (loads of consistent work and lots of fighting through issues), and last but not least the repair of my relationship with both of my parents after tumultuous teen years. I practice unconditional love and acceptance of everyone in my life and carry my positive attitude as a shield against depression's pull. My faith sustains me and grounds me and is my ever present joy in life.

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  1. Liz, thanks for sharing this list of things to not do. Like you, I have done most of them, sometimes more than once. Today, I am not perfect but I do better than I once did. Tweeted and put on Facebook for my friends to read and enjoy.


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