Tuesday, July 19, 2011

I Want Your Story

Thanks friends and family for your neverending support! Every single one of you are so important to me--each Pain Brother and Pain Sister I have met has made me feel less alone in my pain no matter what their diagnosis. I really mean it when I ask y'all to tell me your story to be added to my book, "Pain Sufferers Speak". Your DEADLINE is January 30, 2012 to get your final submission to me. No holds barred--tell as much or as little as you want. If you wish to include how Pain Sufferers Speak's global community has changed or effected your life that's great, too--NOT required. Your real name does NOT have to be used. You can use initials, anonymous, or your actual name--anyway you choose to receive credit in my book, "Pain Sufferers Speak". Your submissions will make up a whole chapter or section of the book. This means I would love to have as many submissions as possible!! I will ONLY EDIT FOR SPELLING, NOT content or grammer. Your Words, Your Way even cuss words are fine. Just tell it like it is with no sensorship.

Send ALL SUBMISSIONS to my email
OR send your submission as a private message on Facebook to Liz Hall.

MANY THANKS for your time and consideration!!

Can't wait to read and publish them all!! ♥ Liz

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