Tuesday, July 19, 2011

So Many Of You Are Curious

I have had so many questions about why my blog has other blogs listed for FREE, why I NEVER plan to charge for advertising, and why I feature lists of "Top Blogs" always on my blog.  So here is my explanation:

My deep desire is for everyone to express their pain in a healthy way. I want to provide each person on the planet not just Pain Sufferers Speak's Community resources, but loads of other resources and locations for you to find "Safe Havens" to communicate all types of pain for all age groups.

Other blogs, websites, and other random resources I choose will ALWAYS be listed and promoted which equals FREE advertising for businesses, companies, organizations, associations, etc. I provide this service in order to encourage everyone to find their favorite place. If you don't choose to join Pain Sufferers Speak's community, I'm not upset at all as long as you find another way to make the healthiest choice for your overall health--Communicate your pain!! Get the negativity of pain out of you through spoken words, poetry, journaling, join a support group, and find others who share your pain so you don't feel alone. For me, the #1 message I want to get across is SHARE YOUR PAIN!

I support ALL worthy causes worldwide not through funds I can't afford to pay, but instead through promoting awareness and advocacy to everyone.

There will NEVER be a charge to join any part of Pain Sufferers Speak's Community, because I believe all this information, awareness, advocacy and all these resources NEED to be available to everyone all the time.

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