Sunday, September 25, 2011

1st Radio Appearance for Pain Sufferers Speak's Global Community

UPDATE 10/7: The show went great and I had a wonderful time spreading the word about Pain Sufferers Speak. I am working on a youtube video with the audio tract from the show so it can be available here on the blog always.  

The Positive Experience Show with Liz Hall
Please join me and Joseph Aquilino on his The Positive Experiance Show here on Pain Sufferers Speak's BLOG--You ONLY have to Register FREE IF you want to CALL IN AND PARTICIPATE!! Looking forward to chatting with you today!!--Just got this verified--sorry for last minute info!! ♥ 
THIS Tuesday,  September 27, 2011 at 12pm-1pm  EST--Eastern Standard Time/USA/New York City
(310) 982-4253 is the call in number for everyone including the guests.

Phone lines will be open for the full hour for comments and questions from the listeners on the air.

You can embed the show on your website, you can listen directly from your website... you can download the show to your computers, you can listen to an archive of the show on the site and you can share the channel on any social network.
Here is the link to the facebook OPEN Invitation--Invite all your family and friends all over the world!! Be sure to go on a register on blog talk radio link so you can hear us LIVE or by archive after the show!!
 Any questions you have please type it on the invite facebook wall and we will get back to you ASAP-- as soon as possible. : )

If you like to join us on blogtalkradio chat LIVE during the show and ask questions OR listen-- you must sign up and register for the blogtalkradio main site at
So excited and psyched to share Pain Sufferers Speak's Global Pain Community with the world LIVE!!! Looking forward to talking with you, answering your questions and sharing our community so others can find us and have a safe haven for communicating and expressing pain without judgment ort criticisim and unconditional love and support!!
Liz : )

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