Friday, September 9, 2011

If You Could Walk In My Shoes

*******This was posted on "Pain Sufferers Speak's Support Family" secret facebook group by both Pain Sisters, Sheila Wall and Cindy Blevins! Sometimes I wish for a LOVE IT button and this is definitely one of those times. Its perfect for our global community!*********

If You Could Walk In My Shoes

If you could walk in my shoes,
You would see, I paid my dues,
I worked hard my whole life through,
Even though, I no longer do.

You would see how hard I tried.
You would see how hard I cried.
Can't you see my condition is real,
Even though you can't see what I feel.

Your support could lift me up.
That would be amazing luck.
My disability; you can't see,
But I need you to believe in me.

Trust me when I say,
A friend could make my day. 
Please lend a helping hand,
With your support, I can stand.

A little goes along way.
A good friend won't turn away.
A little kind word can lift my soul.
A little kind word can make me whole.

Written By: Manuela McPhee on May 23, 2009

 ********No matter whether you wore work boots or high heels, I know you get it! Wishing a Fantastic Friday to all my Pain Brothers and Pain Sisters all over the world!! Plus, sending you supportive gentle hugs and many blessings for an awesome weekend with your family and friends! Liz : )


  1. I just google myself, and found your sight. It's wonderful to see my poem spread to sites I've never been to before (a great way to find fantastic new pain support sites)
    I just have one little correction, a word got lost in the line -- “A little goes along way”
    It’s supposed to be – “A little help goes a long way,”

    I look forward to checking out the rest of your site, gentle hugs, Manuela McPhee

  2. A friend's time can mean so, so, so much. Your time is better than your gifts.
    I'll remember the time you gave, spending it with me forever!


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