Saturday, October 15, 2011

Happiness, Peace and Joy You Will Find

The law of attraction does not care
What ever you’re thinking will take you there
It does not matter who you are
Or what ever state you’re in
You have the power in you,
And this is where you begin
Think of a memory that makes you feel great
Now hold it right there till you’re fixed in that state
This blocks out any negative woe
You do have the power to just let it go
Feeling grateful is a great place to be
It’s that sparkling feeling inside of thee
When you’re grateful you’re thinking in a positive way
It keeps you on track of your habit per say
When you can conquer your state of mind
Happiness, peace, and joy you will find!!!
Love Simone
From the group "Great People"
Shared by Jacqueline Lamoureux on
Pain Sufferers Speak's Support Family
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