Saturday, August 27, 2011

Recommended Reading For People With Pain and Illness

One of Pain Sufferers Speak's Support Family members asked me to recommend some non-fiction books for her.  I have tried to find ONLY a few books I love!! Since I am always reading at least two books at a time, this could be a neverending list.  These are definitely some MUST READS for all of us with pain and illness:

1) The Power of Positive Thinking
By: Norman Vincent Peale (For Everyone)

2) Day By Day
By: Billy Graham (For Everyone)

3) Outliers
By: Malcolm Gladwell (This book was instrumental in my forming Pain Sufferers Speak)

4) Blink
By: Malcolm Gladwell (Will help you make decisions in a new way)

5) A Fresh Start--How to let go of emotional baggage and enjoy your life again
By: Leonard Felder, PHD

6) How to Survive the Loss of A Love
By: Melba Colgrove, PHD Harold H Bloomfield, MD and Peter McWilliams (This book literally fell off a shelf and hit me in the head while I was going thru my divorce at age 18)

7) Don't Bet Against Me--Beating the odds against Breast Cancer and in life.
By: Deanna Favre (anyone with any kind of chronic illness MUST READ)

8) Parenting Isn't For Cowards--The "You Can Do It" Guide for Hassled Parents

9) When God Whispers Your Name
By: Max Lucado (For Everyone)

10) Freeing Your Mind From Memories That Bind--How To Heal the hurts of the past
By: Fred & Florence Littauer

11) Careers For Women Without College Degrees
By: Beatryce Nivens (Great for needing to switch careers due to illness or pain)

12) How To Be Organized In Spite Of Yourself
By: Sunny Schlenger and Roberta Roesch

13) Personal Finance for Dummies
By: Eric Tyson (All of us have to live on tighter budgets once pain or illness causes loss of income)

14) Debt-Free Living
By: Larry Burkett

15) Make The Connection--Ten steps to a better body and a better life
By Bob Greene and Oprah Winfrey

16) Love Hunger--Recovery from food addiction--10 stage life plan for your body, mind and soul
By: Dr Frank Minirith, Dr Paul Meier, Dr Robert Hemfelt & Dr. Sharon Sneed

17) Faith & Doubt
By: John Ortberg (Helped me sort out my faith and anger at God over losing 2 careers.)

18) Love is a Choice--Recovery for codependent relationships
By: Dr Robert Hemfelt, Dr Frank Minirith, and Dr Paul Meier

19) When God Doesn't Make Sense
By: Dr James Dobson (Again so many questions about my faith due to disability at a young age.)

Its not a short list, but I hope these books bring hope and inspiration to all of you!! Enjoy!!

Love, Liz

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