Monday, October 10, 2011

Introducing (and finally going public) Pain Sufferers Speak RAW

Right now you are reading this post on Pain Sufferers Speak's Main Blog For Everyone.

***Now I want to introduce our global community's 2nd Blog for ADULTS ONLY called Pain Sufferers Speak RAW!***

Warning: Some Profanity and Adult Content and Gritty Daily Reality Guaranteed!!
Here is the description for the Blog:
"Unplugged and unsensored. I am gonna cuss, rant, discuss my views on controversial topics, shower chair antics, wheelchairs I wish to leave behind, poop talk, piss, puke, unhealthy relationships in my past. Gonna be a wild RAW unsensored Ride for Pain Sufferers Speak. Still intend to respect privacy, and basic ethics of course.  No lies of omission here 100% Unsensored. This is the REAL WORLD so if you want the REAL DEAL subscribe to my RSS Feed and pull up your big boy pants or big girl panties--This blogs for you! Willing to share only because I refuse to accept that I am the only one this stuff happens to.  Love to have your input, thoughts, comments, questions or snide remarks anytime!"

So come join me for an unsensored ride through life with chronic pain and illness. Its gonna be a bumpy fun ride, Pain Brothers and Pain Sisters!!

Click the link below to go directly to Pain Sufferers Speak RAW "Adults Only" Blog
The "Multi Elements" to Pain Sufferers Speak's Global Community are: 1) our Main Blog--Pain Sufferers Speak; 2) our "For Adults Only" Blog--Pain Sufferers Speak RAW; 3) Facebook Community Page with over 50 Showcase topics loaded with FREE INFO; 4) Twitter as @painspeaks; 5) our EXCLUSIVE "Members Only Secret Family Support Facebook Group" with 24/7 support for everyone; 6) OPEN GROUP on LinkedIn called Pain Sufferers Speak just for FREE PROMOTION and Expanding Your Professional Network, 7) BranchOut, Facebook's Professional profile builder, 8) Vitality Link profile, 9) We are traded now on Empire Avenue as PAINSPEAKS / Liz Hall, 10) profile for networking and community growth--We have the rare priviledge of being chosen as a Founding Trust Anchor on their site.
Each part is unique and has different benefits--Join only 1 part OR all---Its up to you!!

Liz : )

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