Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Happy Journaling!

I recommend keeping a journal of your symptoms, medications, appointments, questions for your doctor or pharmacist, meals and snacks, daily activities, exercise routines, and changes for all of them. Some people keep a journal for everything listed above and even more details than I listed while others just keep it for one thing. With pain and illness, brain fog is very common no matter what our diagnosis is or what medications we are taking. The journal is a way for you to track allergic reactions, increases in pain, questions so you don't forget, and so much more. I know for some this journal idea is an oldie since you already have had one for years, but for others it may be a new idea or something you want to do again after quitting.
Link to the community page
On our facebook community page you can keep a journal there just by going into the Discussions Tab and starting a new topic. These can be journals or diaries or whatever you want to call them and you can keep anything in them that you want, and feel comfortable with. BE AWARE that the community page is completely PUBLIC so everyone will be able to read what you write. Many do not feel comfortable with that and so they choose to start a notebook at home or keep notes on a calendar. Some even choose blogging for that purpose and start their own blog. Still others use their computer, laptop, PDA, cell phone, etc.

However you choose to journal is up to you, but I sure hope you do it for yourself, your sanity, to help your memory get jogged, and for better medical treatment considering all your facts about all aspects of your life. Its all healthy and should not be supressed at all!!
Happy Journaling to everyone!!
♥ Liz

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