Thursday, July 28, 2011

Happy Birthday Pain Sufferers Speak!!

Pain Sufferers Speak was born one year ago today on July 28, 2010!! Happy Birthday, Pain Brothers and Pain Sisters around the world!! Each one of you is appreciated and loved!! Blessings and gentle hugs to all!!

Keep up all this awesome pain speaking!! Enjoy a virtual cupcake!!

I love this family we have created!!
♥ Liz xoxo

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

So Many Of You Are Curious

I have had so many questions about why my blog has other blogs listed for FREE, why I NEVER plan to charge for advertising, and why I feature lists of "Top Blogs" always on my blog.  So here is my explanation:

My deep desire is for everyone to express their pain in a healthy way. I want to provide each person on the planet not just Pain Sufferers Speak's Community resources, but loads of other resources and locations for you to find "Safe Havens" to communicate all types of pain for all age groups.

Other blogs, websites, and other random resources I choose will ALWAYS be listed and promoted which equals FREE advertising for businesses, companies, organizations, associations, etc. I provide this service in order to encourage everyone to find their favorite place. If you don't choose to join Pain Sufferers Speak's community, I'm not upset at all as long as you find another way to make the healthiest choice for your overall health--Communicate your pain!! Get the negativity of pain out of you through spoken words, poetry, journaling, join a support group, and find others who share your pain so you don't feel alone. For me, the #1 message I want to get across is SHARE YOUR PAIN!

I support ALL worthy causes worldwide not through funds I can't afford to pay, but instead through promoting awareness and advocacy to everyone.

There will NEVER be a charge to join any part of Pain Sufferers Speak's Community, because I believe all this information, awareness, advocacy and all these resources NEED to be available to everyone all the time.

I Want Your Story

Thanks friends and family for your neverending support! Every single one of you are so important to me--each Pain Brother and Pain Sister I have met has made me feel less alone in my pain no matter what their diagnosis. I really mean it when I ask y'all to tell me your story to be added to my book, "Pain Sufferers Speak". Your DEADLINE is January 30, 2012 to get your final submission to me. No holds barred--tell as much or as little as you want. If you wish to include how Pain Sufferers Speak's global community has changed or effected your life that's great, too--NOT required. Your real name does NOT have to be used. You can use initials, anonymous, or your actual name--anyway you choose to receive credit in my book, "Pain Sufferers Speak". Your submissions will make up a whole chapter or section of the book. This means I would love to have as many submissions as possible!! I will ONLY EDIT FOR SPELLING, NOT content or grammer. Your Words, Your Way even cuss words are fine. Just tell it like it is with no sensorship.

Send ALL SUBMISSIONS to my email
OR send your submission as a private message on Facebook to Liz Hall.

MANY THANKS for your time and consideration!!

Can't wait to read and publish them all!! ♥ Liz

Monday, July 18, 2011

No High School Reunion For Me

Being disabled has meant missing out on my kids’ activities, and many other "Cool" things in life. I have not wanted to attend any of my high school reunions.  The main reason is the simple fact that my leaving home and many other factors, led to me dropping out and getting my GED at age 16 and starting college that same year.  Plus, I never really enjoyed being judged for how much money I never made, the clothes I choose to wear, the weight I have gained, and anything else that might be considered.  So you can see why avoidance was my simple answer to all previous high school reunions.  With Pain Sufferers Speak’s success and my renewed self esteem, I was a little excited, but still hesitant, about attending my 20th HS reunion set for July 30, 2011. Initially, only a headcount was gathered so costs and other details could be figured out. Then it was released that they were considering two different hotels here in Austin, TX for the party. Since I live in Austin, I added me and my hubby to their headcount. Today, I just finished reading the update for the reunion which included the fact that now the location is a “Party Boat Cruise” on Lake Austin from 7:30-10pm (boarding the boat starts at 7:15pm).  I’m not sure if you can imagine how this leaves me out of this event completely. With my nerve damage in both legs and both arms, I would be scared to death to agree to get on some unstable boat and be trapped for 3 hours. Falling would be my biggest fear, but it certainly doesn’t stop there.  It all goes back to the same problem—If you don’t live with disability, If disability does not affect your family, then it’s not even considered.  Instead of hosting an event that tries to include as many people as possible, the event has been planned to exclude many. Consider that the cost is $43 per person without beer and wine or $55 with alcohol. That means $86 minimum for a couple for one “fajita meal with all the trimmings” and being trapped on a boat for less than 3 hours in Texas heat!!  As you can see, the economic hardship of this economy was also not considered at all. All I can add is that for the 30th reunion, those that plan the event better consider ALL factors since, statistically, many more of us will be disabled by then.  

Thursday, July 14, 2011

What is an advocate?



noun \ˈad-və-kət, -ˌkāt\

Definition of ADVOCATE

1: one that pleads the cause of another; specifically: one that pleads the cause of another before a tribunal or judicial court
2: one that defends or maintains a cause or proposal
3: one that supports or promotes the interests of another

Examples of ADVOCATE

  1. a passionate advocate of civil rights
  2. She works as a consumer advocate.
  3. He has paid respectful attention to the home schooling movement by meeting with its advocates and endorsing their cause. —Elizabeth Drew, New York Review of Books, 10 June 2004

Origin of ADVOCATE

Middle English advocat, from Anglo-French, from Latin advocatus, from past participle of advocare to summon, from ad- + vocare to call, from voc-, vox voice — more at voice
First Known Use: 14th century

Learn more about "advocate" and related topics at


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I have considered myself to be an advocate of all worthy causes since 1989.  That's why Pain Sufferers Speak and The Daily Advocate offer many ways for you to be an advocate, too.  With ALWAYS FREE promotion of other blogs, websites, easy "Click Everyday" options, Helpful Links, Legal Links, and so much more. Liz : )

To fully connect with Pain Sufferers Speak's Global Community and its founder, Liz Hall aka Painspeaks, go to

Monday, July 11, 2011

Has this happened to you?

Going to the emergency room in the middle of the night is NO FUN for anyone, but so much worse for those of us that suffer with chronic pain or any illness that causes pain. I thought I would pass on one of my ER stories that I will never forget. I was reminded of this story after my fall on July 4, 2011 that took me to the ER to rule out broken bones. On the 4th, I was waiting for over 5 grueling hours, and not one doctor ever asked me what medications I was on or if I needed any pain meds for the plate size bruise on my hip. I did NOT have any broken bones and since I had meds at home, I just blew off their oversight. Unfortunately, nothing has changed since 2006 when my ER trip was again in the middle of the night, but back then I did not have a prescription for muscle relaxers or anti-inflammatories. I was in severe pain from what was determined two weeks later to be 2 additional herniated disks in my back. This second pair of herniated disks led to my degenerative disk disease diagnosis and had me file for disability finally. So it was April 2006, I am in excruciating pain, and was forced to wait almost 3 hours just to be taken back to wait for another hour to finally be seen by a doctor who looked like he could be my kid brother.  He was nice enough until he asked why I couldn't sit down. I told him it was probably another pinched nerve or sciatica cause the pain was running down my legs. Naturally he wanted the back story on how I could possibly try to diagnose myself. I told him about the emergency surgery in 1996 and how my right leg had gone completely numb so surgery was set in 72 hours to prevent me from being in a wheelchair if it was possible. The doc listened and gradually a broad smile came to his face as I was finishing the back story. Now you need to know this little smile really pissed me off. I was in severe pain, talking about other severe pains I had experienced in my life, and this butthead's smile only seemed to be getting bigger and bigger. I finished the story and asked him why he would smile at my pain. With the smile still on his face, he basically said that no matter what I told him he would not help some jumpy drug seeking person who couldn't even sit. I need you to know that I lost it here. I was standing up already while this guy sits comfortably and spins back and forth on his little stool with not a care in the world and obviously never suffered with back pain or scaitica himself.  I stepped towards this guy (not gonna even respect him by calling him a doc now) and told him that if he lived with my pain even one day, it would kill him and he would be glad to be dead and away from this pain. He stood up, and put his head down, and literally covered his genitals with his hands as he took the rest of my tirade. Understand, I did not notice any of his reactions, because I was still going on about how I was the last thing from a drug seeker and the reason I couldn't sit was pinched nerves in my back.  Needlesstosay, those of you who know me, know that being quiet is not in my nature and when I get upset, I just get louder. I never cussed at him, nor threatened him at all, but he took my tirade that way, because he sent hospital security to escort me out. Luckily, Jason could foresee this and had me ready to go and we were already walking out when the security guards walked up. I have never been back to that hospital and I have never missed an opportunity to bad mouth them to anyone who would listen over the years since then. It was in the car on the way home, when Jason (my hubby of 18 yrs) told me about the body language that screamed I was intimidating and threatening even though I was just telling that doc the truth. Its been a source of laughter as time has passed for me and my family. Yes, this story is famous and gets brought up at family gatherings occasionally. I am not proud of the fact that I scared this doc, but I am proud of the fact that he will NEVER forget what its like to accuse someone in pain of being a drugseeker. Who knows if it changed the way he dealt with other patients, but, in my heart, I hope he is still at least slightly afraid of smiling at anyone's pain.  

Pain Only Travels, But Never Really Leaves

My nerve pain is getting better each day after my fall that set it off on July 4th. Its really only a dull ache now. Yahoo the fire pain is gone!! Have worked out through the pain and that seems to have caused a muscle spasm in my neck. Took a muscle relaxer to head off the spasm. Only eased it, but it did not go away. Seems like a competition between me, the pain and the meds--who will win?? Round and round we go...where we stop nobody knows.  I am determined to work out when the back pain is tolerable no matter what. That's my goal and I am sticking to it. 
Pain just travels. Tired of it never going away. Sick AND Tired to be precise. Got rid of the sciatica and nerve "fire" pain traveling down my legs, and it traveled to my neck. I have had a stiff neck for a few days. Well, yesterday it detoured down my neck into my right shoulder and down my right arm. There was a stabbing sensation when I raised my arm yesterday. Today I can't lift my arm without severe stab, and Jason says there is noticeable swelling across my shoulder blade and my neck. I am determined not to let my pain stop me from working out or doing chats on Twitter. Can't believe pain is in my neck again!  Jason gave me a hug last night, and I almost screamed cause of the pain just from him squeazing around my neck for a hug. He apologized, and I told him never to apologize for giving me a hug. Hate Pain hate pain hate pain.....What is going on now?? I have to guess its the increased typing. But then I type all the time. Nothing will discourage Pain Sufferers Speak for me. I love it and am really enjoying that others love it, too. Gotta refocus off the traveling pain and do my stretches and yoga now. Maybe I should get paid to be a travel agent for pain?? I mean with all this traveling, bet I could bonus some frequent flyer miles or at least free meds for a month. For now, I will settle for yoga poses, nice stretches, deep breathing, and counting my blessings. : )